Students of life and progressive safety

Hello fellow students, have you noticed this sustaining aspects of our studies? Yes! engineers work with manuals, doctors on prescriptions and we every day people on signs and warnings. It’s been amazing and helpful to be proactive learning and practicing at the same time.downloadde82151a_storage_2fsdcard0_2fpictures_2ftwitter_2fimg_20160920_113403

The gain in the pain of learning and earning includes experiences of  injuries but we are succeeding consciously, trying not to be reactive as we proceed. It is precautionary and always best to avoid disaster being protective at all time.


Professionals may be ahead of us all but we are learning to survive and advance in all we do with SafetyFIRST everywhere

We care about you and the safety of your facilities. consult with us Now!!!IMG_20160628_063935_2_2

Call: +2348185114111 or tweet us @seaworthyAFRICA

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